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Courses - Microsoft Windows 201
Description: Intermediate Windows: Customizing Windows
Versions: Windows XP
Pre-Requisites: Windows 121
Running Time: 95 minutes
Free Demo: See Windows 101 or 110
Windows is highly customizable, but most people don't realize what you can do with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. In this course, we'll teach you all about customizing Windows to make it easier to get around, and also make it more user-friendly.

Remember, productivity is the key. If you have Windows configured to suit your needs, and your work style, you'll get more out of your day. We'll teach you how to configure Windows to your liking. You'll learn all about the magical Control Panel. We'll show you how to remove unused programs from your system to save on hard drive space. We'll teach you how to synchronize your system clock with an Internet time server. We'll teach you what you need to know about screen savers, wallpapers, desktop themes, and all that stuff.

You will learn how to set up your system screen resolution and color depth. You'll learn how to customize Windows Explorer and your system folders to look and work the way you want. You'll learn how to view hidden and system files and folders. You'll see how to view your system fonts, keyboard and mouse options, and power profiles.

We'll teach you how to view your printer queues, and how to control your print jobs. We'll teach you about regional settings, such as your time and date display options, and how to determine what year is the "cutoff" year for 2-digit years - for example, when you enter in "1/1/20" in Excel and it treats it as 2020 instead of 1920. We'll also teach you how to customize your Task Bar and Start Menu.

Hey, even if you don't think you need to know all of this stuff, you'd be surprised at what spending a little time "tweaking" Windows can do for your productivity. You can make Windows your own, comfortable workspace. Plus, the tips we show you in this class will really help you to keep your system running smoothly. We'll give you a good understanding of the Windows Control Panel and how it works.



  Teacher's Outline

00. Introduction

01. Lesson 1
Accessibility Options
Display Options
Cursor Options
Add Hardware Wizard (Why Not to Use)

02. Lesson 2
Add or Remove Programs
Removing an Application
Add or Remove Windows Components

03. Lesson 3
Administrative Tools - Don't Touch
Date and Time
Changing Date & Time
Internet Synchronization
Opening from System Clock
Display Properties, Part 1
Background Colors
Background Images
Customize Desktop
Desktop Icons
Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Active Desktop - Don't Use It
Getting a Background Pic from the Internet

04. Lesson 4
Display Properties, Part 2
Screen Saver
Changing individual component colors, sizes
Screen Resolution
Color Quality

05. Lesson 5
Folder Options
Show Common Tasks
Windows Classic Folders
Open In Own Window
Single v. Double Click to Open
Folder Views
Show Hidden Files
Hide File Extensions
File Types - Brief Disccusion
Offline Files - Brief Discussion
Game Controllers

06. Lesson 6
Keyboard Options
Repeat Delay
Repeat Rate
Cursor Blink Rate
Mouse Options
Button Configuration
Double-click speed
Pointer Options
Power Options
Power Settings

07. Lesson 7
Viewing the Print Queue
Cancelling Print Jobs
Regional and Language Options
Number, Date Formats
Dealing with 2-digit Years
Language Options
Sound and Audio Devices
Changing System Sounds
Sound Schemes
Brief Overview - Don't Use
Taskbar & Start Menu
Settings & Options

08. Review


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