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Courses - Microsoft Windows Vista 101
Description: Windows Vista 101 - Vista Basics
Running Time: 75 minutes
Pre-Requisite: Windows 101. If you've never used a computer before, and you'd like to learn about the difference between hardware and software, what the components of a computer are (hard drive, motherboard, etc.) then start with Windows 101 first.
This is the perfect course for someone who has never used Vista, or has very little Vista experience, and needs to learn how to get started. It's also good for non-computer experts who want to learn what's new in Vista.

We'll start out by learning exactly what Windows is and what it does, and we'll discuss the history of Windows - from DOS to XP.

We'll learn about the different flavors (versions) of Windows Vista, and talk about what version is right for you.

Next we'll learn about what has changed in Vista from earlier versions. If you've used Windows before, and you want to learn about the changes, this is the perfect lesson for you. We'll talk about all of the new features in Vista (such as the new Search & Indexing, native DVD burning, and built-in parental controls). We'll also see what old features have been updated and enhanced - Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Mail, Aero Graphics, and so on.

In the next lesson, we'll see how to log in to Vista. We'll then see the Windows Desktop.


We'll learn about what a "window" is, and about all the different things on the Desktop, including the icons, Taskbar, System Tray, Notification Area, QuickLaunch bar, Welcome Center, and the Start Button. You'll also learn how to close a window.


Next, we'll take a few minutes to learn how to properly use a Mouse. We cover this topic in more depth in our Windows 101 course (which is designed for the completely computer illiterate) but this is a good solid review on proper mouse technique. You will learn all about clicking, right-clicking, double-clicking, clicking-and-dragging, and so on.


Next, we'll take a tour of the newly revised Start Menu. You'll see how to access your personal user folders with your documents, desktop, links, pictures, and so on. You'll see the different icons for popular progams like Internet Explorer, Windows Mail, etc.


You'll see how the new Windows Vista Start Menu is much easier to navigate than the Start Menu from Windows 98 thru XP.


You'll see how to Log Off of Windows. We'll talk about Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down.

Next we'll learn about the different parts of a window, how to minimize, maximize, move, resize, and close windows.


In the next lesson we're going to have some fun playing the game Solitaire. This is the perfect program for practicing your mouse skills. If you need help clicking, right-clicking, clicking-and-draging, and so on. This lesson is designed for computer novices who need help with the mouse.


Next we'll learn about Shortcuts. Where have all the desktop icons gone from previous Windows versions? We'll talk about them. You'll learn how to make shortcuts on your desktop of programs you use often. You'll also learn how to rename shortcuts.


Next you'll learn about the Show Desktop button on the QuickLaunch bar. If you don't have the QuickLaunch toolbar, I'll show you how to turn it on and off. Next, I'll show you how to put icons on the QuickLaunch bar so you can run them with one click.


We'll see how to delete icons, and we'll talk about where they go - the Recycle Bin (we'll discuss what that is too).


  Teacher's Outline

00. Introduction (5:10)

01. About Windows (5:52)
What is Windows
History of Windows
Flavors (Versions) of Vista
What Version's Right For You

02. Whats New in Vista (6:02)
New Features in Vista
Search & Indexing
Native DVD Burning
Built-In Parental Controls
Improved Security
Calendar & Contacts Manager
Junk Mail Filtering
Lots of Little Enhancements

03. Getting Started (6:48)
Logging On to Vista
The Windows Desktop
What is a Window
Icons & Shortcuts
The Taskbar
Notification Area / System Tray
The Start Button
QuickLaunch Bar
Close a Window

04. The Mouse (7:04)
Using a Mouse
Gripping the Mouse
Mouse Pointer
Moving Objects
Scroll Wheels
Optional Mouse Buttons

05. Start Menu Tour (5:49)
Using a Mouse
Different Features Based on Vista Version
Program Icons
Personal User Folders
Documents, Pictures, etc.
How Vista Start Menu is Easier to Navigate
Buttons to Log Off Windows
Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart
Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down

06. Using a Window (8:28)
Parts of a Window
Minimize, Maximize
Move, Resize, Close Windows
Manipulating Windows With the Taskbar
Search Box
Navigation Pane
Title Bar
Details Pane
Scroll Bar
Where is the Menu Bar?

07. Solitaire (15:12)
How to Play Solitaire
Why Play Solitaire?
Starting Solitaire
Practicing Mouse Techniques

08. Shortcuts (10:59)
What is a Shortcut
Creating a Desktop Shortcut
QuickLaunch Shortcuts
Moving Icons from Start Menu
Right-Click and Drag
Create Shortcuts Here
Renaming Shortcuts
Show Desktop Button
Switch Between Windows also ALT-TAB
How to Turn the QuickLaunch Toolbar on
How to Add Icons to the QuickLaunch Bar
Delete Icons from QuickLaunch
What is the Recycle Bin

09. Review (4:05)


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