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FREE Upgrade Coming Soon!
2020 UPDATE: am currently in the process of upgrading my Word lessons for Office 2019. I expect to have them finished very soon. When they are released, you will get a FREE upgrade if you have purchased Word Basic Levels 1 thru 5 after August 1st, 2020. In the mean time, if you're currently using newer versions of Word, give these lessons a try. Word has had few significant changes in the past several years, and most of these lessons are still good. But don't worry... updated videos are coming soon!

Microsoft Word Tutorials
Word CD

Learn Word Today

If you're looking for Microsoft Word training, you've come to the right place. Our instructor, Richard Rost, has been
teaching Word in the classroom since 1994.

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 Word Basic Level 1
The Word 2007 Interface & The Ribbon
Entering & Editing Text
Basic Spelling & Grammar Checking
Formatting Text (Fonts, Colors, etc.)
Using the Clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste)
Saving & Loading Files
Printing & Emailing Documents
 Word Basic Level 2
Word Layout Views
Font Formatting & Options
Paragraph Formatting
Borders & Shading
Custom Bullets, Numbered & Multi-Level Lists
Styles, Color, Font Sets, & Themes
Find & Replace
 Word Basic Level 3
Page Setup & Background
Paragraph Layout
Insert Pages
Headers & Footers
Page Numbering
 Word Basic Level 4
Graphics, Images, Illustrations
Pictures, Style Gallery
Clip Art, Shapes
Charting with Microsoft Excel
Text Boxes
 Word Basic Level 5
Drop Caps, Signature Lines
Insert Date & Time
Non-Standard Symbols
Equation Editor
Footnotes & Endnotes
Envelopes & Labels
Microsoft Office Online Templates
   Word Expert Level 1
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   Word 2007 Upgrade Thinking about upgrading to Word 2007? Have
you already upgraded and are struggling with
the new interface? See what you're missing.
This seminar covers all of the new features in
Microsoft Word 2007. Over 2 Hours!
Microsoft Word 2000 - 2003 Tutorials
 Word 101 $1
 Introduction to Microsoft Word
       Getting Started, Editing Text, Writing a Business Letter,
   Fonts, Cut, Copy, Paste, Saving, Loading, Printing, More
 Word 102 $1
 Using Microsoft Word
       Editing Large Documents, Format Painter, Line Spacing,
   Headers & Footers, Footnotes, Images, WordArt, Clipart, More
 Word 103 $5.99
 Using Microsoft Word
       Tab Stops, Columns, Justification, Hyphenation, Borders,
   Shading, Breaks, Multiple Docs, Envelopes & Labels, More
 Word 201 $9.99
 Intermediate Word
       Mass Mailings with Mail Merge. Using Word only. Using Excel
   or Access as a data source. Mass Email with Outlook. More.
 Word 202 $12.99
 Intermediate Word
       Password Protection, Saving Documents in Other File
   Formats, Document Backup, Properties, Searching
 Word 203 $19.99
 Intermediate Word
       Styles, Using Built-In Word Styles, Creating Your Own
   Custom Styles, AutoFormat, AutoCorrect, More
 Word 204 $19.99
 Intermediate Word
       AutoText, AutoComplete, Creating Document Outlines,
   Outlines as Roadmaps, Tracking Changes & Revisions
 Word 205 $24.99
 Intermediate Word
       Tables. Creating Tables Different Ways, Table Toolbar,
   AutoFormat, Table Styles, Formulas, Excel, Layout
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   Word Seminar  Online seminar for beginner to advanced students
 Video taken from our Live Word Seminar

Printed Handbooks Available.
Click Here for details.

Word 2007 Handbook

If you are looking to learn Microsoft Word, you've come to the right place. Our step-by-step video lessons will teach you how to master Microsoft Word, so that you can create professional-looking documents to impress your friends, family, and customers.

Word 2007


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