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Courses - Microsoft Word 205
Description: Intermediate Microsoft Word
Running Time: 100 minutes
Pre-Requisites: Word 204
We use Word XP in this course, but the lessons are valid for all versions of Word from 95 to 2003. There are cosmetic changes in Word 2007. Order before 2/28/2024 to get a FREE upgrade to our 2007 version when released!
I went a little overboard when I was recording this class. It's almost 2 hours long. Word 205 covers everything you ever wanted to know about using Tables in Word.
  • Creating Tables using the Toolbar Button
  • Creating Tables using the Table > Insert > Table Command
  • Creating Tables Freehand using the Table Toolbar
  • All of the Buttons on the Table Toolbar
  • Working With Tables: Rows, Columns, Adding, Deleting, etc.
  • Table Tips & Tricks: Borders, Colors, Splitting, Merging, etc.
  • Table AutoFormat
  • Table Styles (and how to create your own)
  • Table Formulas: SUM, Average, Max, Min, etc.
  • Using Excel to Create a Word Table
  • Using Tables for Document Layout (Create a Resume)

We begin with how to create basic tables for displaying data in our Word documents. I'll teach you how to create a basic table using the Table toolbar button. We'll learn how to format it, resize columns, add color, and other basic features.

Next, you'll learn how to create a toolbar using the menubar: Table > Insert > Table command. This feature gives you other types of options for creating your tables.

Next you'll see how to freehand draw your tables from scratch.

You'll learn about all of the different features of the Table Toolbar, such as how to customize borders, split cells, change cell alignment, and so much more.

You'll learn how to Sort the data in your tables. You'll see how to work with table alignment on the page, and how to control its position and how text wraps around it.

You will learn about Nested Tables - how to put tables inside of other tables for effect. You'll also learn how to split tables in two.

Next you'll learn AutoFormat, and about all of the different table Styles you can pick from to make your table look professional. I'll also show you how to modify the Styles and create your own Table Styles.

You will learn about Table Formulas, and how to perform arithmetic in your tables - add up two cells, add up a column of numbers with SUM, take averages, etc.

We're going to talk about most of the different functions that are available in Word.

We're also going to take a look at Microsoft Excel and see how to use Spreadsheet fragments from Excel to create our Word tables - and why there are huge benefits to doing so!

Finally, we're going to learn how to use Tables for Document Layout - to position where text and objects go on the page. We're going to make a Resume and make it look professional.


Don't miss this class if you want to learn how to create documents that look real professional. Tables are great for displaying data, and laying out your page.

Plus, this class is almost two hours long, so you're getting plenty of trainng for your dollar.


Word 205 Outline

1. Creating a Table with the Toolbar
Click the toolbar button and select rows & columns
Click and drag to make the table larger than shown
Creating a price sheet
Use TAB key to move to next cell
SHIFT-TAB to move back
Notice TAB creates a new blank row
Right-align fields
Add background color: right-click, borders & shading
Resize columns
Resize table
Move the table: Drag the Table Handle
Move a column: same way
Insert rows & columns
Delete a row/column
Shift cells Left, Right
Delete entire Row, Column
Move a cell: click just inside the cell on the left side
Table > Insert > Column to Right
Insert Columns to Left, Right
Insert Rows Above, Below
Insert Cells > Shift Cells Right, Down
Shift Entire Row, Column

2. Create Table Using Table > Insert > Table
Number of columns
Number of rows
Fixed Column Width
AutoFit to Contents
AutoFit to Window
Remember dimensions for new tables
Deleting a table
Table > Delete
Cut and don’t paste it

3. Table Toolbar
Turn on the Tables Toolbar
Show how to draw a table with the pencil
Eraser Tool
Diagonal Lines
Change Line Style
Change Line Width
Line Border Color
Shading Color
Creating custom borders
AutoFit to Contents
AutoFit to Window
Merge Cells
Split Cells
Cell Alignment (Top/Bottom, Left/Right, Center)
Distribute Rows Evenly
Distribute Columns Evenly
Change Text Direction

4. Working With Tables
Sort Ascending, Descending
Table > Sort for more options
Sorting by Multiple Column Values
Move a row: SHIFT-ALT-up/down arrow
Paragraph Symbols to avoid splitting rows
Use the Show/Hide Paragraph button
See where cells, rows, table ends
Select multiple non-contiguous cells with CTRL-click
Right-click Table Properties
Double-Click on Table Handle
Preferred Width: percent v. inches
Cut and paste a table between two documents
Alignment of table with respect to text
Text Wrapping around table
Other Options: Positioning
Forcing Table to Stay Centered on Page
Allow Spacing Between Cells
Row, Column, & Cell Properties
Allow Row to Break Across Pages
Repeat as Header Row at the Top of Each Page

5. Table Tips & Tricks
Table > Convert > Table to Text
Converting Delimited Text to a Table
Nesting Tables Inside Other Tables
Inserting Graphics within table cells
Split Table
Split Cells
Merge Cells
+------+-----+-----+ trick
Create a table with just the keyboard

6. Table AutoFormat, Table Styles
Picking a built-in style
Modifying a Table Style
Apply Special Formats to:
Heading rows, last row
First column, last column
Style Based On
Creating a brand new Table Style

7. Functions in Tables, Using Excel
Serious functions and calculations should be in EXCEL
AutoSum button on toolbar
Press F9 to recalculate totals or Right-click, Recalc field
CTRL-A, F9 to recalc entire document
Table > Formula
Paste Function dropdown
Creating Excel-like arithmetic
Useful Functions:
Using Excel to Create Tables
Copy & Paste as just a fragment
Fragment converted to Word table
Paste Special you can double-click to edit it
Paste Special LINK to original, auto-updates

8. Tables for Document Layout
Show how to layout a RESUME from a table
Talk about Resume Wizard
It does an OK job, but everyone uses it
Show how to create one manually
Hiding borders
Real cool trick making a reusable TABLE as an AutoText entry
Create a table you want to reuse
Select the whole thing
Insert > AutoText > New
Give it a name
Now type in that name




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