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Word 2007 Basic Level 4
Beginner Microsoft Word Tutorial - 70 Minutes

This course picks up where Word 2007 Basic 3 left off. In this course, we will focus on illustrations and graphics. Here's a look at what you will learn:

Word2007   - Pictures
  - Clip Art
  - Shapes
  - Text Boxes
  - SmartArt
  - Charts with MS Excel
  - WordArt
Word 2007
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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class, click here to watch the video introduction for this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.



Word 2007 Basic Level 4
Description: Word 2007 Basic Level 4
Versions: Microsoft Office Word 2007
Pre-Requisites: Word 2007 Basic 3 strongly recommended
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Cost: $5.99

This course is for the novice user who has little or no experience with Microsoft Word except for our Word 2007 Basic 1, Basic 2, and Basic 3 courses.

We will begin by learning about inserting Pictures into your documents. You'll see the sample pictures that come with Windows, learn how to insert, resize, move, rotate, and delete pictures. You'll also learn about text wrapping.

insert pictures 


Next, you'll learn how to copy a picture from just about any Web site, save that picture to your Windows desktop, and then incorporate that picture into your Word documents.



You will learn how to adjust the brightness and contrast of your pictures, use the Picture Style Gallery to add effects, and change the picture shape, border, and other settings.

picture styles gallery 


Next, we'll learn how to use Clip Art in our documents. You'll explore Word's Clip Art Organizer, learn how to search for Clip Art by keywords, and how to recolor Clip Art.

clip art 


In the next lesson, work with Shapes and Text Boxes. You'll learn about the Drawing Tools, the Shape Style Gallery, shadow and 3D effects. You'll learn how to add text to almost any shape, and how to insert Text Boxes.

shapes and text boxes 


Next we'll learn about SmartArt. We'll see how to make simple diagrams, like a Basic Chevron Process. You'll learn how to change the layout of SmartArt, the SmartArt Style Gallery, how to add items, change shape styles, and how to delete SmartArt.



In the next lesson, you'll learn how to add Charts to your Word documents using Microsoft Excel. You'll see the different chart types, how to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet, and how to use the Chart Style Gallery.

In Word 2007, Excel is very important for working with charts. Excel comes with most versions of Microsoft Office. If you don't have Excel, however, don't worry. This lesson is only about 7 minutes long, so the rest of the course will apply to you.



Next, you'll learn about WordArt, the WordArt Gallery, letter spacing, WordArt styles, and how to change the borders and the shape of your WordArt.



Again, this is the perfect class for anyone who is new to Microsoft Word 2007, and has finished my Word 2007 Basic 1, Basic 2, and Basic 3 courses. If you have little or no experience with word processing, or you just want to get familiar with how Word 2007 works, this class is for you.

Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Word 2007 Basic 4

0. Intro (7:31)
Topics Covered
Version Used
Who is This Class For?
How to Learn

1. Pictures, Part 1 (9:16)
Insert Tab
Illustrations Group
Pictures Button
Sample Pictures Folder
Resizing a Picture
Resizing with Corner Pips
Resizing with Edge Pip
Deleting a Picture
Insert Random Text
Moving a Picture
Picture Tools, Format Tab
Text Wrapping, Square
Position Button
Rotate Picture
Text Wrapping, Tight

2. Pictures, Part 2 (3:54)
Get Picture from a Web Page
Save Picture to your Desktop

3. Pictures, Part 3 (7:27)
Adjust Group
Picture Styles Gallery
Picture Shape
Picture Border
Picture Effects

4. Clip Art (6:20)
Insert Clip Art
Searching by Keyword
Browsing by Category
Organize Clips
Microsoft Clip Organizer
Copy and Paste from Organizer
Adjust, Recolor
Close Clip Art Pane
5. Shapes, Text Boxes (10:57)
Insert Shapes
Drawing Tools, Format
Inserting Another Shape
Shape Styles Gallery
Shape Fill, Outline
Change Shape
Shadow Effects
Nudge Shadow
3D Effects
Tilt Up, Down, Left, Right
Add Text
Convert Shape to Text Box
Insert Text Box
Inserting a Scroll

6. SmartArt (9:03)
Insert SmartArt
Basic Chevron Process
SmartArt Tools, Design Tab
Change Colors
SmartArt Styles
Bulleted Item Window
Adding Another Item
Right to Left
SmartArt Tools, Format Tab
Shapes Larger, Smaller
Shape Styles
WordArt Styles
Inserting a Picture

7. Charts (6:44)
Insert Chart
Entering Data in Excel
Chart Tools, Design Tab
Change Chart Type
Edit Data
Chart Styles

8. WordArt (5:20)
WordArt Gallery
Yellow Diamond Adjustments
WordArt Tools Format Tab
Edit Text
Letter Spacing
WordArt Styles
Border, Fill, Shape, Warp

9. Review (3:56)
Review Topics
What's Next?




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