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Count Items in a Report

How to count items in a report, resetting counter for each group

Q: I'm a member of the Access Insider's Club. I want to number the lines in an Access report. For example, I want to group employees by department, sorted by last name, first name. Next to each employee I want a number which increments by one for each employee. E.g.:

   1 Brown, Joe
   2 Jones, Allison
   3 Smith, Sam

and so on for however many employees in that department. I want the numbering to start over for each department. If a department goes to more than one page, the numbering should NOT start over with the new page, only when the department changes. I can't think of a way to do this.  >Greg

A: Greg, since I always help my Access Insider's Club, I've put this together just for you. There are a couple of different ways you can do this, but here is a solution that doesn't involve any programming.

First, here's a simple table I'm going to use for this example. It's just a CustomerID, CustomerName, and GroupID which would represent your "department." Yes, I'm stuck on Customers, but you could easily use this for Employees.

Now, create a simple query based on this table, but we're going to add one field to it. We're going to add a calculated field called Num which is just set equal to the value of 1. You'll see why in a few minutes. Just type in this for the field:  Num: 1

When you run this query, you'll see that each customer has a 1 next to him. That's OK.

Now create a simple report based on this query. Here's what mine looks like:

When I run the report, nothing fancy happens:

Now, let's create Sorting & Grouping Levels to break these customers down by group (employees by dept, et al.)

In Access 2003 or earlier, you just click on the Sorting & Grouping Level button on the toolbar. Then set up a group for GroupID and turn on the header or footer if you want it. I cover this in detail in this tutorial.

In Access 2007 they've really moved things around a lot (I still don't like Access 2007). You have to click on the Group & Sort button.

Then click on "Add a Group."

Then pick the field - in this case GroupID.

That will add the Group Header for you.

I'll move the GroupID into the Header and bold it, just so it looks better.

This will give the report this look:

Now, what about the numbering you asked for? Well, here's what all those 1s are for. Open up the properties for that Num textbox and find the RunningSum property. Set it to "Over Group."

Now look what you get:

There you go. The RunningSum property adds up the values of all of these items and then resets that value for every new group. That's why I had you create that query value with the 1 in it. No programming required.

Of course, sorting your names and all that stuff is easy. I cover that in my tutorials - which I know you've watched.

Hope this helps!



By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost
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