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Round Int Fix

Rounding Numbers with Round, Int, and Fix

Q: I have a situation where I need to round a number UP to the next whole integer, but the ROUND function brings it to the nearest integer. For example, I need 4.2 rounded UP to 5. How can I do this?

A: There are three functions you should be familiar with when it comes to rounding numbers. The first is the ROUND function. This will round off any decimal number to the nearest integer. Anything over .5 will be rounded up. So 4.1 becomes 4, and 4.8 becomes 5.

Next you have the INT function. This rounds any decimal number DOWN to the nearest integer. So 4.1 becomes 4, and 4.8 is also 4.

Finally you have the FIX function which rounds POSITIVE numbers DOWN to the nearest integer, but rounds NEGATIVE numbers UP. So 4.1 becomes 4, and 4.8 becomes 4, but -4.1 becomes -5. The difference between INT and FIX is simply how they handle negatives.

Round Int Fix in Access

You can generate these values in a query simply by creating calculated fields:

Round Int Fix in Microsoft Access Query

So to answer your question, if you always want to round a value UP to the next integer, I would use INT(x)+1. This will use the INT function to bring your value DOWN to the nearest integer. Then just add 1 to it.


By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost
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