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Microsoft Excel Tips

New: Price Markups Marking up prices using copy & paste values

Copy & Paste Link Link cells in multiple sheets, create a summary page
Overtime Pay Calculating time-and-a-half and double-time pay
Conditional Formatting How many days late invoices, TODAY() fn
Adding Dates & Times  
Dealing with ZIP codes that start with zero  
Autosum Button not always working  
Sorting Data in Excel   
What's New in Excel 2010 Learn all of the cool new features
Difference Between Two Dates How to calculate the difference between two date values
Difference Between Two Times How to calculate the difference between two time values
SUMIFS Function With Criteria Another SUMIFS example, add numbers between two values
Difference in Times This is my older tip on time differences, but still worth a read
SUMIFS Function One of the new functions in Excel 2007
Breaking up Text Strings Change "Joe Smith" into "Joe" and "Smith"
Rank Function Rank monthly sales from 1 to 12
MATCH and INDEX Functions Lookup with multiple criteria
2D Matrix Lookups Another example using MATCH and INDEX
Get External Data Pull real-time stock data from the Web into your sheets
Running Totals Relative v. Absolute References
Number of Work Days NetWorkDays, Custom VBA Function
Complex IF Example Example of IF function with dues structure
Extended Conditional Formatting More than 3 options w VB
SUMIF and COUNTIF adding and counting values conditionally
Month Names from Dates Month Fn, Named Range, VLOOKUP
Count Records Between Two Dates IF, AND Functions
Using VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP to find a value  
Using the IF function to calculate sales tax  
Tips from the 599CD Blog


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