Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela
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7/30/20Access SharePoint Seminar
Share Access Databases Online I get asked all the time:  "How can I share my Microsoft Access database with others online?" Well, if you've got a small team and a small database, the a SharePoint solution is right for you. You'll learn: What SharePoint is good for What it's NOT good for What YOU will need to get started What your USERS will need How to set up a SharePoint Site Creating a SharePoint List (Table) Sharing Your List and Setting [more...]
7/29/20Microsoft Access Developer 16
Coming Soon Access Developer 15 is now finished. Developer 16 is starting soon. D16 will be spending more time on List Boxes, specifically unbound list boxes (not bound to a table or query). You will learn how to manually add, delete, and edit items in the list. Enroll now so that you can participate with us as the videos are posted. If you've already signed up for Developer 16, make sure you subscribe to get notified when the first lesson is posted. [more...]
7/19/20Microsoft Access Developer 15
Multi-Select List Boxes & Debugging (1 hour, 45 min) In the last class we started building the Easy Access POS, a complete Point of Sale system built in Microsoft Access. In order to continue, however, we have to take some time learning List Boxes, especially Multi-Select List Boxes. So, that's where Developer 15 is going to start. We'll also spend some time covering more advanced Debugging. {!--VIDEO("/NewTheater/Access/Lessons/Developer/D15/D15-00. [more...]
7/6/20Access Mailing Label Seminar
Work with Mailing Labels In this Seminar, you will learn how to work with mailing labels. You will: Build a standalone Mailing Label Table & Form Design Mailing Labels Insert Blank Fields on Top Create Multiple Blank Labels (Loop) Delete All Labels with One Click VBA to Add Customers to Labels Make X Copies of a Label Full Sheet of the Same Label Add Active Customers to Labels for Newsletters Total Run Time: 53 Minutes Begin Course: [more...]
7/6/20Access Mailing Label Template
This template allows you to work with mailing labels. Features include: Standalone Mailing Label Table & Form Standard Mailing Label Report Insert Blank Fields on Top Create Multiple Blank Labels Delete All Labels with One Click Add Customers to Labels with One Click Make X Copies of a Label Full Sheet of the Same Label Add Active Customers to Labels for Newsletters   Walk-Thru Video The following video shows all of the features of this template. [more...]
6/20/20Microsoft Access Developer 14
Easy Access POS, Lessons 1-5 (2 Hours, 40 Minutes) Lots of people have asked me to build an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize POS system in Access. Access Developer 14 covers just that. We will begin building something that I call the Easy Access POS. This will be a full-featured Point of Sale system that is built completely in Microsoft Access that you will be able to customize to your needs. Whether or not you need a POS system, the techniques and concepts covered in these [more...]
5/30/20Two New Access Handbooks
After way too long, I've finally found a new handbook author. Everyone welcome Margaret to the team (yes, yes, I know, I'm going to be setting up the option for everyone to have public profiles on here). She just finished two handbooks for me. Access Expert 32 and Developer 6 are now ready for download. I actually had 32 before. My previous author finished it for me. Like an idiot, I lost it. So here it is again, with an all new Developer 6. Those of you who have already paid [more...]
5/20/20Excel Expert Level 11
Courses > Excel > Expert > 11  Expert 10 - Developer 01 This class focuses on the new XLOOKUP function which was added in Excel 2019. We will learn all of the ways to use XLOOKUP in addition to double-lookups (two-way lookups). We will also take some time to go over some string manipulation functions, turn on the Developer toolbar, and learn how to create Combo Boxes. Video Time Conversion Find, Left, [more...]
3/6/20Access 2019 for Beginners
A lot of people have been asking me over the past few YEARS if I had a slimmed down version of my Access Beginner Level 1 course. Most people have said they loved it, BUT it's too long for someone who has any kind of Access experience under their belt. I tried to make that course for the person with absolutely NO Access experience, so I take plenty of time to go over all of the concepts in detail. However, if you've used Access for a short while and just want the basics covered [more...]
7/30/19Microsoft Access Developer 13
Access Developer 13 continues our in-depth study of Visual Basic for Applications programming with Microsoft Access (Access VBA). Contents include: - Search Between Dates - Before, After, Between Date Search - Select Case Control Structure - Tuition With Multiple Options - Billing on Grade Level - Variable Discounts Applicable - Same as Products w Different Features - Multi Field Index / Composite Keys - Pricing Wizard Form - Lots more Click here for more information on [more...]


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