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And what happens when you stop innovating? Everyone else catches up, your jobs go overseas, and then you cry foul: Ooohh, they're paying them less over there, and the playing field is not level. Well, stop whining and start innovating.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson
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New Version Update

Follow these quick and simple steps to download your Video Player update.
Step 1. Close the 599CD Video Player if it's already running.
Step 2. Click THIS LINK or the button to the right to download and run the Player Update Program.
Step 3. When asked if you want to RUN the program or SAVE it to your computer, select RUN THIS PROGRAM.
Step 4. Windows Vista may give you a warning message or two about downloading programs. That's OK. Just click RUN, or ALLOW, and installation will continue.
Step 5. The Update program will run. When finished, restart the Video Player.
NOTE: Some browsers such as Firefox may not give you a RUN option. In this case, SAVE the file to your downloads folder, and then double-click on it to run it.