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A Couple Theater Upgrades
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

I spent a little time performing some minor upgrades in the Theater tonight (between recording videos, of course). They were nothing major, but a couple of features that a lot of you have requested.

First, I added a "keep alive" to the entire web site. This will keep your session alive on the web server as long as you have any page loaded in your web browser. What does this mean, and why is it necessary? Well, a lot of times people have complained that they were in the middle of watching a course... maybe they watched the first 3 videos... and then they took a break and went to lunch. Upon returning, they were logged out of their session by the server and had to stop and log back in and then find the video they left off on. Well, now as long as you have ANY page loaded, the server will keep you logged on. This way when you come back from lunch, you'll be able to pick right back up where you left off.

For you web design students of mine, a little bit of Javascript will reload a tiny iframe of data once every minute so the server doesn't end the user's session and clear their session variables. See if you can find where it is. :)

The second minor upgrade is that the Theater will now keep track of the LAST video you watched. So even if you DO go away for the night and close your computer down, the last video you watched will be saved in a cookie in your browser... so when you come back tomorrow (or next week) just look for the little "Last Video Played" option down to the left in the SETTINGS box. Just don't clear your cookies (which you really shouldn't ever have to do anyways).

OK, enough for now. Back to recording videos... still working on Access 4 and 5 plus a couple new unexpected things.

Oh... and yes, a couple of you have asked me about that Access Data Encryption seminar and where that came from. Well, sometimes if a customer approaches me with something they need help with AND I decide that it's something I can use for a seminar to help everyone else, I may bump that ahead of anything else I'm currently working on. It doesn't happen often (and yes, there is a fee involved) but I'll consider it on occasion. This was one of those occasions. If YOU have something like this that you need help with, submit it via the TechHelp page and let me know about it.

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