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2nd Covid Shot
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   4 months ago

Hey guys. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be out of the office today. Possibly tomorrow too. I got my second covid shot yesterday and they weren't kidding when they said the side effects for the second shot are worse than the first. Woke up in the middle of the night with fever and chills and today my whole body aches and I've got a splitting headache. So I'm spending the day in bed. If you have any problems that are critical you can email me at Otherwise I'll take care of whatever issues arise tomorrow. Take care, be safe, and as always live long and prosper. 

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Richard Rost 
4 months ago
My advice to anyone who has not yet been vaccinated is (1) get vaccinated, and (2) make sure after the second shot you block off two full days on your calendar and plan on spending that time in bed. The first shot was nothing. I felt a little tired for a week or so. Nothing major. That second shot kicked my ass. Everyone has different reactions, and this is quite normal as my body is launching an immune response, but damn. Yesterday was fever, chills, muscle pain, headache. Bad. Today the fever is gone, and I feel much better, but I feel like played a game of tackle football yesterday. Everything hurts. This is STILL better than having to spend a week in the hospital on a ventilator from getting ACTUAL Covid, but just don't put anything important on your calendar for two days after your shot.
Adam Schwanz
4 months ago
Glad you're feeling better.
Joseph Messina
4 months ago
Hi Richard:

I'm glad you are feeling better.  I got the 2nd COVID vaccine April 22nd and I did the samerthing was in bed for 2 days with the chills and arem sore and achy and fever on and off.  I'm glad I'm doing much better since the 2nd one on April 22nd.  Again, glad you are feeling better.
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Adam Schwanz 
4 months ago
Yea, the second shot really knocks you on your butt. Feel better soon.
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