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New Support Person Available
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

Almost since the beginning of 599CD, I've offered technical support and consulting help with your Access databases. Of course, my time is at a premium as I prefer to spend as much time as I can recording new video tutorials, but I still want to be able to offer technical assistance. If you've got questions or need help with Access or Excel or whatever, I want you to know that you can come to me.

A few years ago, I started tapping the resources of one of my prized students, Alex, to assist me with TechHelp and database projects. In addition to writing my handbooks for me (of which he does an excellent job) he has also helped dozens of you with your Access databases. I've been very happy with his work, and from the feedback I've received, so have many of you.

Well, now we have another new member on the TechHelp team. I'm proud to announce that my son, Richard III (yes, I'm a Junior), will also be available to help you with your database projects. I've been teaching him *almost* everything I know about Access (got to keep a couple secrets to myself, right?) and I feel he's ready to begin helping out.

Like me, he was bored in college taking computer classes, and he wants to follow in my footsteps, so I'm going to put him to work helping you with your database projects. Plus, since both Alex and I really hate making phone calls and providing LIVE support, I'll be able to make him do that. It's good to be the boss.

Now, for the next couple of weeks, while Richard is still in "Trainee" status, I'm going to be offering up his services at a significantly discounted rate. So if you are in need of any help, and you don't mind working with the new recruit, this is your chance to get some cheap help. The better he gets, the more I can charge for him... so get in the door now! He's pretty good with Access already, and if you need help with something that he doesn't know, he'll just ask me... I'll show him how to do it... then he'll show you. Everyone wins.

Richard is available for email and live support. To get help now, visit our CONSULTING page, or you can submit your questions via TECHHELP as always.

OK, enough of this for now. Back to recording. Finishing up Access Expert 7 today and working on finishing up that Financial seminar over the weekend (hopefully!)

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