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Moving Videos to YouTube
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   2 years ago

UPDATE: as of 8/29/20, I decided NOT to do this. Read more.

Howdy folks. Just some site news for ya. I've decided over the coming months to move my videos all over to YouTube and use them as a server and storage platform. I've had tons of videos online on YouTube since 2006, and they are a very reliable, dependable, and quality platform.

I'm currently hosting my web site on GoDaddy, but they don't allow you to host videos or large ZIP files on their site. I got yelled at this before when I didn't know their rules. So I've been paying for additional space on Amazon (AWS) to host files and videos, and of course, this ain't cheap. My storage and bandwith costs have gone way up since I decided to start recording in HD, and I've got lots more video coming down the pipe. YouTube storage is free. So, that's another reason I decided to make the move.

Another reason is that YouTube automatically provides closed captions for videos that I upload. So my students that are hearing impaired can get that service for free too, and I don't have to do any additional work.

So over the coming months, I'm going to be slowly uploading my videos to YouTube instead of my old server at AWS.

Nothing will change on my end as far as your customer accounts, billing, and all that go. I'm NOT moving everything over to YouTube memberships. Learning Connection, MYOLP, and my Order System will all still remain exactly the same. You will still purchase videos from me, not YouTube. The videos will still all be displayed here on my site. You won't have to go over to YouTube's web site. It's only that YouTube will be the back-end server that stores and serves them using private links for my paid videos. In fact, I've been posting my TechHelp and Tips videos on YouTube and linking them here for the past few years. Works well. You can see one of them HERE. That's what the new classes will look like. 

I am depreciating the old Theater though. So as I upload courses to YouTube, they will be slowly removed from the Theater. You'll have to watch them using the new format that I introduced with Access Developer 14, which I think is far superior to the old Theater.

One drawback is that I will no longer be offering downloads. You will have to watch all of my courses online. It's a major pain in my behind to prepare ZIP files, and it's a lot of additional storage on the server, plus bandwidth to download them. As far as I can tell, only a couple of you actually still download the lesson ZIP files anyways. For those of you who want to be able to watch the classes offline (like if you're going on a plane trip) the YouTube Android App has a feature that lets you download videos for offline viewing. I use it all the time. Not sure about the Apple app (Alex?). I know there are third party YouTube "downloader" apps for PC, but I have never used any of them.

As far as YouTube memberships go, the only think I'm using them for right now is my TechHelp Extended Cut videos. They're longer help videos that I've been posting that go into more detail with the day's questions. I've been kind of using it as a video podcast, and I've been having a lot of fun with them. I'd like to make more of these. Silver Membership to my channel is currently only $5.99 per month (less than a cup of coffee) and you get access to ALL of the TechHelp Extended Cut videos. Right now there are only nine of them, but there's almost 4 hours of video total. I tend to rant a little, but I cover a lot of good stuff. My goal is to add a new one every day or two. The more members I get there, the more time I'll spend on them. I just started this 2 weeks ago and I'm up to 13 members. You're welcome to join in the fun. You can join my YouTube channel here

OK, that's it. I welcome your comments and suggestions, as always. I don't think this is going to impact many people negatively - and it's a BIG positive for me. Lower costs, ease of use (it's SO much easier to upload stuff to YouTube than to set it up on my server), and of course the captioning.

What do you think?


NOT Moving to YouTube Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
2 years ago
After further consideration, I've decided NOT to move all of my videos to YouTube. Read more.
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YouTube Videos Upload Images   Link  
Ron Anderson 
2 years ago
Hi Richard, I really don't like viewing your video's on YouTube because of the advertising that keeps popping up, full screen view is not enable for windows desktop & I can't download video's for off line viewing on a windows desktop. I'll support you with the Silver Membership as long as I can still download all of your video's including the Tech Help Extended Cut video's. Also, Why am I'm not setup anymore as a Learning Connection Membership? I used to be and I asked you about this recently. I own near all of your video's and I did not received a discount for the last video I ordered for you. Thanks,Ron
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Hi Ron. You have been with me for a long time, and I really appreciate your business and I value your opinion. I'm going to do my best to make you happy. Allow me to address your concerns.

Advertising: the ads WILL NOT show up on PAID videos. Only the videos that are free to the public will display ads, like Access Beginner 1. The rest of my regular courses and seminars will not show ads. I MAY put ads on the Intro/Welcome video since those are usually public, but the rest of the lessons will not have them. I get to control which videos have ads and which do not.

Full Screen: Yes, full screen viewing is available for the embedded YouTube player. Again, check out Access Beginner 1. You'll see a box in the bottom right corner of the player. Click that and it will go to full screen. This option wasn't enabled in some of my older videos that I posted this way (including the TechHelp videos) because I just realized it was off. There's a setting you have to enable in the iFrame to get it to work. I'll be going back and fixing this in my older videos.

Downloading: As I mentioned above, it's a lot of extra work and storage space for me to ZIP the videos up and make them available for offline viewing. I'm spending a lot of money on storage and bandwidth costs to have the videos and ZIP files on my own server. But more importantly than that, it's SO much easier for me to just upload the videos to YouTube. It saves me a LOT of time. I upload it, type in a description, get a private link for my site, and I'm done. And they host the videos for free. They're more reliable and have more features than my player did. It's win/win.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, (and I'm pretty sure iPhone supports it too) then you can download videos for offline viewing using the YouTube app. It works great. I use it all the time when I go on plane trips.

As far as downloading to a PC goes, there are a lot of 3rd party YouTube downloaders. I have not tried any of them, but if this is important to you, I'll try a few out myself and see if there is one that I recommend. (If anyone else has experience with this, let me know.) There is also a YouTube download extension for Chrome. Again, I haven't tested it.

Downloading the Extended Cut TechHelp Videos was NEVER going to be an option. I made my full courses available for download because I've been doing it for the past 16 years that I've had this web site. Back then downloading ZIP files made sense. Compression was important to ensure fast download times. Today that's not really as much of an issue. But the TechHelp videos are meant to be quick and easy for me to record and upload to YouTube. I've never had plans to make them available for download offline.

I've been offering course downloads as a courtesy even though few people download them anymore. I can see from the web logs that only a couple of you actually download the videos. Most people watch them online, and that's the experience I'm going to try to improve in the future. The extra storage space is one thing, but the extra time it takes for me to create the ZIP file, upload it (separate from the video), link it to my web site, etc. It's a lot of extra work for me.

Ron, is there a particular reason that you prefer downloading the videos to your PC? Do you not have fast enough Internet speed to watch them online? I'm just trying to understand your reasoning.

Now, as far as your Learning Connection membership goes, YES, you are still a member (thank you). There was a bug in my system: as soon as someone had taken all of the available classes, they were removed from the membership because there was nothing further to offer. I didn't program the system to take into consideration that I'm still making NEW lessons. So I fixed that bug. Your My Courses page indicates this. I'm currently revising the My Account page and that should too when I'm finished.

As far as your discount goes, you HAVE to use the Member discount link that was emailed to you when you joined. I'll send it to you again. Again, it's on my TO DO list, but I have to make the web site automatically recognize when members place an order. It hasn't been a priority because members get their next class automatically sent to them with the discount, but if you want to purchase something different like a seminar and get your discount, you have to use the discount link.

OK, I hope this helps alleviate your fears and address your concerns. Let's discuss in more detail what your needs are and I'm sure we can figure something out.
Richard Rost
2 years ago
P.S. I put a credit on your account for the order you placed where you didn't get a discount. Cheers!
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Uploaded a Couple Lessons Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
2 years ago
OK, I uploaded the older Access 101 and Access 102 courses (from the Access 2003 series). They're small and it was mostly just a test. I'll probably move a couple lessons every few days. No hurry. Got lots of other stuff to do too.
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