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Microsoft Access Expert 9
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

Microsoft Access Expert Level 9 is 1 hour, 45 minutes long and continues to focus on building our Order Entry System. In this class we will continue to learn how multiple forms can link together to share data. We will work with customer and order discounts, sales tax rates, and creating a printable invoice report, and lots more. Topics include:

- Sharing Data Between Forms
- Customer & Order Discount Rates
- Default System Values Table
- Multiple Sales Tax Calculations
- Printable Invoice Report
- Inserting Subreports
- Problems with Can Shrink
- Open Report to a Specific Record

Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 9, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2013, but is also valid for Access 2007 and 2010 users. This class follows Expert Level 8.

The class following this is Access Expert Level 10.

Discount rate not carrying Upload Images   Link 
Keith Stanton 
5 months ago
Going through lesson 1.  I have copied the DiscountRate field over from the CustomerF to OrderF as you did in your example.  I set the default value as you did also.  However, the discount rate only carries over for some of the customers, but not all.  When clicking on You 40%, Ronald Simms 40% or Alan Watson 7% the discount rate is not carrying over to the OrderF.  It is for all the others.  I even deleted the fields, compacted/repaired closed and reopened, copied back over and still does not work.
Keith Stanton
5 months ago
Never mind  It appears I had a couple of blank orders.  That made it look like it wasn't defaulting to current discount percentage.
Richard Rost
5 months ago
That'll do it. :)
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Int Round Fix Upload Images   Link 
Virginia Mergl 
5 years ago
Hi, regarding Round function would be possible force Access to round UP, for example 4.45 I want to be 5
Thank you

Reply from Alex Hedley:

See this tip on INT, ROUND, FIX.
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I am trying to print one invoice access expert 9 4 Upload Images   Link 
jose acevedo 
6 years ago
I am trying to print one invoice access expert 9 4 and 5 I watch the video 100 time and still I do not get it... when I print all the file from form print not from the report... help please

Reply from Alex Hedley:
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Barcodes Upload Images   Link 
Cheryl Hokanson 
6 years ago
The answer came to me in the wee hours of the morning. I had the master and child link set to OrderID, this would only give me a barcode for one order but the ticket is for 'the many' which is found on the OrderDetailID.  I changed and walah....each ticket had its own barcode.   Read More...
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Barcodes Upload Images   Link 
Cheryl Hokanson 
6 years ago
I'm trying to include Barcodes in a working database.  I have a subreport barcode, OrderID/ProductID on a order ticket.  The first one is positioned correctly on the ticket but the other subrport barcodes all stack up on each page not in the position that I placed them in design view. Read More...
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DiscountRate Upload Images   Link 
Tim Florio 
6 years ago
Greetings Richard, I've spent the last couple mornings trying to resolve this issue without any luck. As far as I can tell I copied and pasted the "DiscountRate" text box on the CustomerF on to the OrderF and OrderDetaiF. I changed the Control Source to =Forms!CustomerF!DiscountRate and =Forms!OrderF!DiscountRate. When I open the OrderF from the CustomerF the DiscountRate From CustomerF is populated into the DiscountRate on both the OrderF and OrderDetailF but they are not editable. I checked the properties of the text boxes and "Allow Edits" is yes and the text boxes are not locked. I don't want to move forward until this is corrected as it may pose a problem later in course. Help!!!! Read More...
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Number to Text Function Upload Images   Link 
6 years ago
I wish to see number to text (string) in form and report
exmpl: 100 = One Hundred only

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You'll learn that in the Access Payables Seminar:
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glitch with Access Upload Images   Link 
Lynda C 
7 years ago
Hi Richard,  Well after much frustration and googling, it seems my $100 mouse is a total waste of money, a $10 mouse works perfectly - go figure, so please ignore my query - it was the mouse that was the problem :o) Read More...
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glitch with Access Upload Images   Link 
Lynda C 
7 years ago
Hi Richard, basically, when i am in design view, if i try and select a group to move or click on something to adjust the sizing, i often have to do it several times before it will actually 'hold' the item i want - sorry i realise this is about as clear as mud, don't really know how else to describe it Read More...
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glitch with Access Upload Images   Link 
Lynda Chase 
7 years ago
This doesn't relate to this particular lesson, but rather all the lessons, is there a glitch with Access when it comes to  designing - I find it really difficult to select and move, expand etc any objects when in design view, its like I have to keep trying over and over again - is there a setting that I may have wrong on my pc or something? Read More...
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