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Jennifer Neighbors       
2 months ago
I want to create slideshow-type system messages on a database's administrative dashboard. I've provided 4 such messages below. Like websites, where a set of small dots below a slideshow of endorsements or images indicate the current one. If the user clicks a dot, that selection is immediately displayed.

I think this might be done using a large textbox for the messages and a horizontal option group below it, without the option group's frame. (Or perhaps the frame could be made invisible.) Each message would then be linked to an option button. However, a tricky aspect of this is to make the <I>count of messages dynamic</I>. For example, if the user fills in the missing information mentioned in message 1, then message 1 isn't displayed anymore, and there are fewer dots and fewer messages to rotate through.

Example System Messages
1.Vital information is missing from this database. Please go to ...
2.Have you backed up your data lately? ...
3.Have you seen a bug? ...
4.Security Reminder ...

Adam Schwanz             
2 months ago
Does it need to be buttons for every option? This sounds like it would be much easier to just do a forward and backward arrow to cycle through a list, which you could then update if things are complete.
Adam Schwanz             
2 months ago
Otherwise you could make like 5 circles, and programatically change what the buttons are doing with invisible text boxes or tempvars, then if you had less than 5 you could program the visibility to false on buttons.

Although if you want to make the buttons shift to stay centered inside of a box like in my example below, where the buttons move more to the center as they disappear, that would require some heavy programming to move the buttons and hide the unused.
[| | | | |]  -5 options
[ | | | | ]  -4 options
[  | | |  ]  -3 options
[   | |   ]  -2 options
[    |    ]  -1 option
Jennifer Neighbors       
2 months ago
You wouldn't use a timer procedure to cycle through the selections?
Adam Schwanz             
2 months ago
Yes, for the normal cycling, I'm talking about the buttons though that you were talking about below the scrolling images/texts.
Kevin Yip       
2 months ago
This kind of thing is more easily done in HTML, because the dots (and pretty much everything else) can be dynamically generated and manipulated at will in HTML, which is the very nature of the platform.  If you want an Instagram-style image browser with "dots" at the bottom, note that Instagram also has left-right controls for browsing, which is natural and intuitive for users to use.  So you need to keep the left-right buttons.  The "dots" only serve a secondary purpose, IMO, in Instagram and things of this nature in general.  When something is secondary in importance and difficult to implement, you need to find an alternative.  If it were me, I would use a row of thumbnails below the big image.  This is how camera apps do it in smartphones (see picture below).  This can be done to great effectiveness in Access.  Just add a row of image controls at the bottom, and put in Click events for them.  When the user clicks on one thumbnail, change the thumbnails' border colors to indicate it is selected, and show it in the big image above as well. When the user clicks the left or right buttons, check if the next or previous row of thumbnails need to be displayed.  This is still a lot of VBA coding, but it is at least much more feasible than the dots idea.
Kevin Yip       
2 months ago

Jennifer Neighbors       
56 days ago
Update: This became easy when I decided to insert a substitute message instead of altering the count of messages when a message no longer applies. (A DLookup statement checks to see if vital data is present in the table.) A set of string variables stores the messages, and the form's timer procedure cycles through them. Any message can have a primary and an alternate text value. The option group's click event allows the user to click any button to go immediately to a message. Also, I made the option group's frame transparent, which makes it less obvious what it is. I now have a slider of system messages, which, if not perfect, serves my purpose and enhances the administrative dashboard. Thank you to those who commented!
Jennifer Neighbors       
56 days ago

Stacy Atchison        
54 days ago
Jennifer, I LOVE your DBs, I LOVE your style!!!
Jennifer Neighbors       
54 days ago
Thank you so much, Stacy! I appreciate the compliment.

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