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Access Inventory Courses
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 years ago

I just finished some new Advanced Microsoft Access courses dealing with Recordsets and Inventory Control.

Basically, a Recordset allows you to edit, add, or delete data from your tables using VBA code. In order to do anything advanced with your data, you have to know Recordsets.

One of the most requested topics is "how do I manage my inventory?" If a customer orders some products and you ship them out, you need to take those items out of your inventory, keep track of reorder levels, and of course order those items from a vendor. That's inventory control.

I've recorded TEN new courses (Access 320 thru 329) that have to deal primarily with Recordsets - although there's a lot of additional material in there too like programming multi-select listboxes, triple-state checkboxes, adding an option to a combo box on the fly (OnNotInList) and lots, LOTS more.


Recordset Basics
What is a Recordset?
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
Moving Around in Recordsets
EOF End of File
RecordCount Property
Finding Records
Wildcard Search
Do Loop


Open Recordset with SQL
Adding Items to a ListBox
Editing Recordsets
Editing One Record
Editing Multiple Records
Multi-Select List Boxes
Adding & Deleting Records


Record Locking Options
Seek Method
Recordset to a Different Database
Reading One Value From Multi-Select Box
Reading Records From A Different Database
Fields Collection
Create a Logon form
Recordset to Check Password
Logging User Activity


ADO ActiveX Data Objects
Recordset Types
Loop Through Records (EOF)
Editing Records
AddNew to Add a New Record
Delete to Delete a Record
ADO Connection Strings
Connect to SQL Server
Student Test Taker Project
Nz Function To Return Zero on Null


Calculating Loan Amortizations
Calculate Monthly Payment
Using the PMT Function
Use a RecordSet to Create Payment Schedule
RecordSet to Add Manual Payments
Fixing the Missing Penny Fraction
On Not In List Event
Adding a New Value to a Combo Box
Limit To List Property
NotInList Event


Synchronizing Two Tables
Detecting Changed Records
Importing Changes
Detecting New Records
Tracking Student Attendence Project
Tables to Track Students & Days Absent
Multi-Select Listbox to Pick Students
Recordset to Add Absent Days
Table to Track Days Off (Holidays, etc.)
Aggregate Query to Count Absent Days


Lock the Order if it's Paid
Refunding an Order
Can't Refund a Shipped Order
Inventory Levels
Quantity On Hand
Tracking which employee changed inventory level
Increment Quantity if item already on order
Shipping The Order
OKToShip Function
Check to see if we have enough inventory on hand


Create a Packing Slip
Processing Cancelled Shipments
Adding Inventory
Shipping Orders With Products Not In Database
Shipping Methods
Create Shipping Form
Tracking On The Web
Figuring Out UPS Tracking Links
Automatically Launching your Web Browser


Reorder Levels
Vendor Information
Query to show Products Understocked
Purchase Order Table
Make a Purchase Order
Creating a PO with a Recordset
Check if this item is already on a PO
Check Box to Filter Open/Closed POs
Tri-State CheckBoxes (Triple State)


Inventory Control Part 4
Purchase Order Report
Receive Parts
Closing POs
Bulk Email From Access w Outlook

Access Inventory Courses Upload Images   Link 
Gregory Chacon 
5 years ago
Are there additional courses outside of 320-329 that are needed in order to build an inventory management system?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

The last Advanced Access Recordsets set should cover it, you can read the outlines to see what they include. Read More...
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Access Inventory Courses Upload Images   Link 
Joseph R 
6 years ago
I see returning items from the vendor but I do not see after the parts are received that they are automatically adjusted in the QtyOnHand in the inventory.  Also It would be awesome if this was added plus dealing with partical orders, returns, etc. Read More...
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Barcode Scanner Upload Images   Link 
Christine W 
7 years ago
Very Interested
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Barcode Scanner Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
12 years ago
I've added "Using Access with a Barcode Scanner" to the WAITING LIST under the "Other New Seminars" section. If you're interested in seeing how to do this, VOTE for this seminar on the Waiting List. If I get 4 or 5 people who are interested, I'll record the seminar.
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Diana Khan 
12 years ago
I am learning so much.
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Access Inventory Classes Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
13 years ago
Colin, we already have a discount percentage that you can put on each customer account. Do you need something more than that? As far as "terms discount for early settlement" do you mean something like 2%NET10 terms (where they get a 2% discount for paying in 10 days)?
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New Courses Upload Images   Link 
Alan Hill 
13 years ago
Exactly what I need. With the knowledge gained from these courses I will be able to say I now know Access.
Thankyou Richard. It's been worth the wait.
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Access Inventory Classes Upload Images   Link 
Colin Scamp 
13 years ago
Another couple of ideas.
Discount structure for customers, terms discount for early settlement?
Regards Colin
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Access Inventory Classes Upload Images   Link 
Colin Scamp 
13 years ago
They look great, just what I've been waiting for! Another idea, what about issuing credit notes for invoiced/returned to stock items, faulty items? Re-entering the items back to stock. Cancelling Back orders. Read More...
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