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Access Import for QuickBooks Data
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   9 years ago

I have a customer who NEEDS to be able to import QuickBooks data into his Access database on a regular basis. Once a month he wants to download his banking info from his bank's web site which is in QuickBooks format (a pretty standard format) but instead of using QuickBooks, he wants to pull that data into his Access database to track his expenses.

This is a semi-complicated thing to do because although QuickBooks data is a standard TEXT file, you have to read the fields a specific way... then of course you have to check for duplicate entries, and so on.

The reason why I'm posting this here is because I want to know if ANYONE ELSE is interested in seeing how to do this? If a handful of you are interested then I'll make this into a mini seminar. If not, I'll just build it for him and be done with it.

So... if you want to see a mini seminar for this, click here to VOTE FOR IT ON THE WAITING LIST. I put an estimated price of $29.99 for it... but it could be less depending on how long the seminar is. I can't see it being more than a 2 hour seminar... unless I decide to go crazy and add a bunch of cool extraneous stuff like I always do (but remember, I'll NEVER automatically charge you MORE than what is listed on the Waiting List without checking with you FIRST).

Also, feel free to sound off here and post your comments about this seminar. What additional topics would you like to see covered? Should this just be a quickie or would you like to see lots of extra stuff?

Access to Quickbooks Link 
Colin M 
6 years ago
Yes, I found this Intuit article.  Haven't tried following it yet.  Need a simple process if customers are to do the export and import process.
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Access to Quickbooks Link 
Colin M 
6 years ago
I would also love to see a seminar to export access customers, vendors, orders, invoices and purchase orders and import to Quickbooks. I am developing an order entry system, and need to include this feature to make it marketable. Intuit says that it needs to be in Intuit Interchange (.IIF) format.  Quickbooks has an import utility in the File menu, but like anything Intuit it is as clear as mud. Read More...
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Access to Quickbooks Link 
John Hirschy 
7 years ago
I would be much more interested in taking transaction data from Access to QuickBooks.  I want to make journal entries by importing from Access.

Reply from Rick Rost:

I'll be honest, I haven't used Quickbooks in several years, but I'm pretty sure there's a way to import data from external sources (like Excel sheets). Access can export in pretty much any format. So that should solve your problem right there. Read More...
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
9 years ago
Not really interested in the quick books, but in the import without duplicates and maybe and update of the tables according to the data file
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
9 years ago
i've purchased the qodbc drivers for quickbooks and if you ever do any seminars on running queries and reports with the qodbc drivers i'm in!
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
9 years ago
I think this is great, it would also be helpful if we could import inventory and general Quickbooks data export files and do useful things with them.
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
Judy B 
9 years ago
I would be very interested in the parsing of the text file.  
Referencing the Statements , I thought  (if... apples to apples) using ODBC connections would update data fields for statements directly from QuickBooks.  Again, assuming access to QuickBooks files. Read More...
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
Judy B 
9 years ago
Will you be using odbc to accomplish this?
I am a Diamond QuickBooks Pro Advisor and I am always looking for options for my clients. I am familiar with the QuickBooks database and it can be tricky. Read More...
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Access Import for QuickBooks Data Link 
Rob Miller 
9 years ago
Richard, YES!  I would like to see importing QuickBooks data into Access.  Our church uses QuickBooks and I use Access to send Giving Statements to our members on behalf of our church and I need to be able to pull the financial data from QuickBooks on a regular basis to do the Giving Statements.  It is always a hassle in doing do because I have to manually clean up the data (removing duplicates, etc.) before importing.  Doing this programatically would be most helpful! Read More...
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