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Access 2010 Beginner 5
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   9 years ago

This Microsoft Access video tutorial picks up where Level 4 left off. This class covers query criteria in a lot more depth, parameter queries, wildcards, and lots more. Topics include:

- Query Criteria
- Multiple AND, OR Conditions
- Inequalities
- Records Between Two Dates
- Dealing with Null Values
- Wildcards and LIKE
- Parameter Queries
- Top X Values
- Formatting Query Field Output

Click here for more information on Access 2010 Beginner Level 5, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.

Limits to Criteria Or Rows Upload Images   Link 
Ann Tran 
6 months ago
Is there a limit to how many "or" rows or length of the Criteria box?
Richard Rost
6 months ago
There is a limit, but practically you'll never reach it. The maximum size of a query in Access is 64k characters (64,000-something). If you ever have a query anywhere near HALF that size, it's time to simplify it.
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Criteria Between Two Times Upload Images   Link 
Andrew Cleary 
6 months ago
I want to filter out any dates and times More than 7 AM each day.  

Example I want to show a date and time 1/21/2021 03:00 but I do not want to show a date that happens 1/21/2021 09:00.   Read More...
Alex Hedley
6 months ago
The DateValue covered in Expert 28 chops the time portion off a date and leaves you just that. So you could use that on your date input.

Then its just a matter of adding the time. Since dates are stored in access as 1 you just need a portion of that so 7/24.
Andrew Cleary
6 months ago
I figured out how to use a text box as the criteria in all my queries so the end user can use the date picker to customize the date and time of the filter for the reports.  I will probably end up taking that class as it has a lot of info on what I am currently working on.  Thanks!
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After Date Function Upload Images   Link 
Deborah Linehan 
10 months ago
I must have missed something. When doing a date criteria what is typed directly after the word date. It looks like a skinny 0.
Richard Rost
10 months ago
Haha. You're right. It does. That's an open parenthesis ( followed by a close parenthesis ) so it becomes:


Basically, Date is a function that takes no parameters in, and returns the current date. That's why there are the empty parentheses. In most cases you can actually avoid using them, but it's good practice to put them there.
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Property sheet Upload Images   Link 
5 years ago
I don't get the property sheet for the field properties in the query to show. It only show's me the property sheet for the query itself.

(Yes I did right click on the field and then properties) Read More...
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Parameter Queries Upload Images   Link 
Wim K 
5 years ago
Correct, but not sufficient. The user should decide at runtime how many states she/he needs for his report.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I'd create a form with checkboxes/multi select listbox for each state, allow the user to select which ones then want then pass those to the Query via an IN statement. Read More...
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Parameter Queries Upload Images   Link 
Wim Keteleer 
5 years ago
Is it correct that parameter queries do not allow logical expressions? In this example, "NY or TX" as [State:] will not work. Do I something wrong?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could add multiple [State] in subsequent rows of your Query so it pops up x times Read More...
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Parameter query Upload Images   Link 
Elizabeth R 
5 years ago
I have a field in my JobTrackingT called ActiveJob. It is a Boolean field. Thanks. Elizabeth

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do you just want to return all yes or all no, if so don't make it a like, don't make it a parameter [] and use a Form with a check box and pass in the value from that form Read More...
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Parameter query Upload Images   Link 
Elizabeth R 
5 years ago
I would like to have a parameter query around a Yes/No field. I used the criteria, Like "*" & [Enter True or False or Enter for All] & "*".
This returns all records if I hit return but no records when I enter True or False.. Thanks for any help. Elizabeth Read More...
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I have a two tables a company table and a contact Upload Images   Link 
Richard Lanoue 
5 years ago
I have a two tables, a company table and a contact table.  There is a foreignID in the company Table to connect it to each other.  My problem is if I do a search using the SQL of this, and a company DOES NOT have a contact (the foreignID is null) it doesn't show up in the results.  All the other records with a contact attached to it will but none of the Companies without a contact associated with it do...  How can I make it so even the null value of a contact gets included with the not null ContactID? Read More...
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Registration database Upload Images   Link 
Dennis O 
6 years ago
Thank you, these lessons are great
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