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Access 2010 Beginner 9
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   9 years ago

This Microsoft Access video tutorial picks up where Level 8 left off. This class focuses on creating a contact history for our customers and designing reports from scratch.

- Tracking Contact History
- Data Integrity
- Report Design From Scratch
- String Concatenation
- Report vs. Page Header & Footer
- Can Grow / Can Shrink Properties
- Records from a Specific Date
- Explicit Query Parameters
- Report Formatting

Click here for more information on Access 2010 Beginner Level 9, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.

Forms Upload Images   Link 
Harold Sheats 
2 months ago
i open a report form & the source ContactQ & go to add fields contacts form the contact are not available
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
So you have a report with a recordset of ContactQ but have no available fields to add?

Check your query and make sure you have the fields in there, sounds like it's a blank query.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Check the Record Source property of the Report and make SURE you have it set to ContactQ. Sounds like you didn't set that. It's the ONLY reason the fields wouldn't show up.
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Report does not respond Upload Images   Link 
Emad Al-Baghli 
4 months ago
I have Query for Contact and it sorted by date Descending, If I run the Query itself it is working good, then I create Report based on that Query, If i run the report the report did not sorted by date. what do you think the problem is?
Adam Schwanz
4 months ago
Just change the report's sort by property. Report properties -> Data -> Order by
Emad Al-Baghli
4 months ago
Adam, kindly can write the code for me?
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Circular Reference Upload Images   Link 
Dianne Force  
7 months ago
Hi Richard,
I copied this from my Report Control Source, but it is giving me an error =[FirstName] & [LastName]
I've tried it different ways (with the the Space & with the Trim) and I keep getting an error which says: "This control has a reference to itself." I am using Access 365 Read More...
Dianne Force
7 months ago
I figured it out. When I was changing to make things work, I had not realized the Name had reverted back to FirstName instead of FullName, but now I know what a circular reference is:-)
Richard Rost
7 months ago
Yeah, they're fun, aren't they? :)
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Textbox Not Growing Enough Upload Images   Link 
Emy Ng Hang 
11 months ago
I have a one column report, label on the left, textbox on the right. The last row is a label. All textboxes show data from a long text type field (memo type) and are set with property can grow to yes. The weird thing is that the textboxes will only show 4 lines of data and would not grow more than that. How can it shows all lines, not only the first 4 lines?
Richard Rost
11 months ago
You have to set the CanGrow property to YES for the Control (textbox) and the SECTION it's in (Detail, for example).
Emy Ng Hang
11 months ago
Thanks Richard for the comment! But, actually the reason all the info is not showing is: uniqueness.

Here is the link where I found the answer: The suggested workaround is: You may need to create another query that selects the distinct values without the memo, and then use it as the source for another query that retrieves the memo without de-duplicating.

The reason I'm using unique value is because the query uses a many to many relationship (three tables). I need the info of the two tables that are not the joint table, but the joint table is causing the info i need to repeat. If it is not too much to ask Richard, can you make a video example for the workaround please?
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Force or Fix Caps Upload Images   Link 
Dan G 
5 years ago
Can you provide more detail on the INPUT MASK for ALL CAPS.  I have a SHORT TEXT field that I want to force the users to only input capitalized words.  The entries could be anywhere from a few letters to almost 100.  The example above seems to lock them at 14. Read More...
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Date Formatting Upload Images   Link 
5 years ago
Beginning at 10:07 or so, you suggested formatting the date to exclude the seconds. I typed everything you said to do, but when I went to the date/time format field, there was not a drop-down list from which to choose. (I'm not sure this has anything to do with the next problem.) I typed the "mm/dd/yy hh:nn am/pm" as you said to do. I went to Print Preview and the seconds remained on the time. They did not disappear. What do you suggest I do? Read More...
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Parameter Query Upload Images   Link 
Barbara Hayes 
5 years ago
Please disregard my question about the [Enter Date] parameter.  It helps if the parameter is typed exactly the same both times. :-)
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Parameter Query Upload Images   Link 
Barbara Hayes 
5 years ago
At about 10m46s you were able to run the query, type in the month and day once, and a report was created.  I followed the steps, defined the [Enter Date] parameter, and it is still asking me for a 2nd date.  I am running Access2013.  Do I need to do something special in the parameter definition so it stores what I enter? Read More...
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Copy Form to Report Upload Images   Link 
james lai 
5 years ago
Hi Rich.

I have a special design a layout on my Forms. But when i copy and past that design into new Report, I notice that all fields are not in the fields like shown in the Forms.

Do i have to redone the Reports like i am doing on the the forms? Read More...
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2 questions I have a form which in design view is Upload Images   Link 
Adrian Clarke 
5 years ago
2 questions
I have a form which in design view is small, but when I go to Form view it occupies the whole screen, also the footer is way down the page.  Is there a way to set the height and width of the actual form? Read More...
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