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Access Loan Amortization Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

This was only supposed to be a quick 30-minute tutorial, and it ballooned up into almost 6 hours, but it covers a lot of great material. If you want to learn how to manage loans in Access, this is the seminar for you.

This seminar will teach you how to calculate a complete Loan Amortization Schedule in Microsoft Access.

1. Learn how to calculate loan payments
2. Create a complete amortization schedule
3. Work with flexible loan terms
4. Manage multiple loans per client and per loan provider
5. Generate reports such as an aged accounts receivable

You can watch the introductory lesson which explains everything covered in the seminar PLUS download a free working database template here: Microsoft Access Loan Amortization Seminar

Loan Amortization Upload Images   Link 
June C 
3 years ago
So I have to purchase another course to cover a topic that falls under loans?
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Loan Amortization Upload Images   Link 
3 years ago
I have recently purchased the loan amortization seminar and I have a query.

I need to be able to calculate loans based on the reducing balance as well as using the compounded interest method.
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Amortization Schedule Upload Images   Link 
3 years ago
Is there a way to have the amortization schedule set up for compound interest as well as the calculated on the reducing balance?
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Access Loan Amortization Seminar Upload Images   Link 
Maryann Beach 
4 years ago
yes all my tables have been moved to SharePoint lists
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Access Loan Amortization Seminar Upload Images   Link 
Maryann Beach 
4 years ago

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Is the form "LoanF" open? (Forms!LoanF!LoanID)
Does LoanId have a value?
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Access Loan Amortization Seminar Upload Images   Link 
Maryann B 
4 years ago
I have completed a database using this seminar and it was working perfectly until I put the tables on SharePoint. Now on the ClientF form when I click on the "Add New Loan" button I get an error "Invalid use of Null". Why is it giving me this error? when I click on debug it takes me to this vba code and points to the 7th line (X = Forms!LoanF!LoanID) Read More...
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Schedule Order Upload Images   Link 
Chris Thompson 
4 years ago
FYI, if the loans start in a previous year and you view them, the payments will not be in order. While there are several ways to correct this, I changed my ScheduleF and ScheduleR record sources to: SELECT * FROM ScheduleT ORDER BY DueDate; Read More...
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Different interest Calcs Upload Images   Link 
Karen Dolen 
5 years ago
If you had different lenders that calculated their payments based different interest calculations  30/360, 30/365, Actual/365 or Actual/Actual would this amortization database be able to handle that or would that be covered in the course? Read More...
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Access 2013 Upload Images   Link 
Alvaro Berrio-Caratt 
5 years ago

I am using Access 2013, none of the icons works, would you please advise.



Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are these icons in the Ribbon?
Is this an Office 365 copy? Is it licensed or is there a red warning bar along the top? Read More...
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Multi currency Upload Images   Link 
5 years ago

If I have multi currency for many client. Can I generate multi currency?


Reply from Alex Hedley:

You could have a Field against the user that chooses currency then have code on your form to format accordingly Read More...
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