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Access 2013 Beginner 1

If you are new to Microsoft Access 2013, this video tutorial will teach you all of the basics of how to build a Microsoft Access database. You will learn:

  • Database Terminology & Benefits
  • Planning Your Database
  • The Access Interface & Ribbon
  • Building a Customer Table
  • Entering and Editing Data
  • Sorting & Filtering Records
  • Constructing Customer Queries
  • Designing a Customer Form Interface
  • Developing Reports & Mailing Labels

Click here for more information on Access 2013 Beginner Level 1, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.

Unable to finish videos Upload Images   Link 
Michael Cooper 
2 months ago
Videos Access 2013 Beginner-1 #9, 10 & 11 terminated approx 4/5 way through with an Download error. This occurred over a 2 day period. I can't restart the video from the error point and when video restarted from beginning (getting tiresom) it fails in the same place. I am a new customer and this is not what I expected.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Hi Michael. Welcome. Those same videos have been online since 2013. I just double-checked and they're all fine. No other users have complained. If I do have a bad video file, I usually get at least 3 of 4 people complaining pretty quickly.

Here's what's probably happening: your system is downloading the MP4 video file as it's playing. If that errors out and the video doesn't download completely, it will still stay in your browser cache. So if you try to reload the page, your browser thinks you already have the file and doesn't attempt to re-download it. You may need to clear your browser cache and reload the page. Or, you can try logging on with an incognito window and the file will also download that way.

If you don't want to watch the videos online, you can also download them. Look for the ZIP file on your My Courses page.
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Question on the Label Report Upload Images   Link 
Juan Rojas 
4 months ago
I got this on the Label report and I don't know why. All on 1 label. How can I fix this.
SmithPeter5645597777NY
Juan C Rivera
4 months ago
Not sure what you are asking but here is a long shot did you put &" "& between your fields?
Richard Rost
4 months ago
Juan, Juan is right (LOL). This is Beginner Level 1 so you're using the Mailing Label Wizard, right? You probably forgot to press SPACE and ENTER between the fields. Watch the video again from the beginning and don't skip a step. :)
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Font size Upload Images   Link 
John Marquis 
4 months ago
I know that you can change the font size when viewing a table or the results of a query, but is there any way to increase the font size in the navigation pane or where you add the required information for a query.
Adam Schwanz
4 months ago
Go to options -> object designers -> query design -> query design font
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Delete a Table Upload Images   Link 
Arisane Silva 
6 months ago
Hi. For some reason I created Table2 and table 1 is empty how to delete table1, please?
Richard Rost
6 months ago
Just click on the table in the Navigation Pane and press DELETE on your keyboard.
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Zoom Not Working Upload Images   Link 
Armand Ratelle 
6 months ago
When I press shift key and F2 fir zoom it doesnt work ??
Richard Rost
6 months ago
Yeah, Microsoft "broke" this in one of the releases of Access 365 (see this). Update to the latest version.
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Primary Key Existing Field Upload Images   Link 
Matthew Rafferty 
12 months ago
Hi Rick,

If my student database includes students that already have a unique ID assigned e.g. a personnel number, shoulder that number be the primary key? Thanks PS Really enjoying the Learning zone!
Richard Rost
12 months ago
I recommend against it. I like to use an Autonumber for the primary key because Access will assign it and maintain it. The user can't edit it. Technically the user never even has to see it or know what it is. If you want to add that Personnel Number as an additional field for searching, that's perfectly fine. Index it, no duplicates. But don't make it the primary key. Later on when you get to relationships in Expert Level 1, you'll see why Autonumbers are best for PKs.
Richard Rost
12 months ago
That's a good question. I get asked it a lot. Maybe I'll turn this into a TechHelp video. :)
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Add Data to Word Document Upload Images   Link 
Ron Fischer 
13 months ago
is there a way to do a form that takes Letterdocument from word or Textprogramm an add customer infos like adress and subject from the database?

Richard Rost
13 months ago
Yes, you can use a Mail Merge or VBA to automate putting Access data into a Word document. Personally, I prefer just creating everything right inside of Access. I show with my Letter report how you can do it all in Access.
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Multiple Phone or Email Upload Images   Link 
Timothy Henley 
13 months ago
What if a customer has multiple phone numbers or emails?  Should they be separate tables?
Richard Rost
13 months ago
Yes. In a perfect world, if you're dealing with customers who have lots of phone numbers or multiple email addresses, you should put them into a separate table. Anyone familiar with Google Contacts knows how this works. However, I don't get into multiple tables and relationships until Expert Level 1, so for right now, you can make multiple fields in the same CustomerT table: HomePhone, CellPhone, WorkPhone, etc. And that's generally fine if you've only got 2 or 3 numbers. However, a properly built database where customers may have 1 or 20 different numbers (or email addresses) should use a second, related table. Don't worry. We'll get there soon...
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Access 2013 Beginner 1 Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago
I know basic Access.  What tutorial should I purchase to help with VBA in a query?
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Checking Out Keys Upload Images   Link 
Myra R Miller 
8 years ago
Thank you so much!
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