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Access Team wish list Upload Images   Link   Email  
Matt Hall        
3 months ago
Is someone actually composing an Access Team wish list?  If so, it would be interesting to post it and allow for commentary and/or moderated additions.
Sami Shamma              
3 months ago
Hi Matt

I told Richard that I am maintaining the list. It is currently not online. I am going through all Access TechHelp videos and compiling the list.
Until Richard decides to put the list online, you can send me what you have, and I will add it to the list.

My Email is [email protected]

Dr. Sami Shamma
Alex Hedley             
3 months ago
Which "Access Team"?
Wish List of what?
Sami Shamma              
3 months ago
Hi Alex.

You know when Richard starts talking to the Access Development team and says things like, "They should fix this issue." Then he says, "Someone should keep a list of all those things he wants fixed." That list.
Richard Rost            
3 months ago
If you want to keep the list here, that would be cool. When it's compiled, I'll put the whole thing in a video and post in the MVP forums... THEY CAN'T MISS IT! LOL
Sami Shamma              
3 months ago
Do you want to create a file or a "Special Conversation" thread for it?
Richard Rost            
3 months ago
Yeah I will. For now just post here and I'll move them later. Thanks.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
He is the list so far:
Transparent Forms.
Timer events taking focus away from code window.
Page number right justified on even pages.
Report/Label wizard makes the size too big to fit on page.
Keep the default formatting from Windows in the VBA editor.
Image frame should shrink when set visible = false.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
Edge browser control: In VBA editor, if selected from dropdown, it will crash Access.
Richard Rost            
2 months ago
Yeah, one of the Access team members actually replied to a comment that I made somewhere. I think it was in one of the MVP mailing lists. He said that they're working on that issue because what happens is it tries to assign the default event to the control, which it doesn't support. And then that's what causes the crash. So they're already aware of that one.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
New Entry:
In Query design, keep formatting performed in "Zoom" as far as spacing and line feeds are concerned.
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
New Entry #10:
ComboBox wizard should give the control a good name if it has a control source. For example, if the control source field is named "UserName", the combobox should be called something like "UserNameCombo", not "Combo99".
Matt Hall        
2 months ago
Here are four more if you don't have them already:
#1 Alternate Back Color, in continuous forms, can default(optionally) to match Back Color
#2 Zoom function/slider like Excel has in the lower right of the screen
#3 Add the ability to call VBA directly from the quick access toolbar
#4 VBA remains attached to a control (is renamed accordingly) when the control is renamed
Sami Shamma              
2 months ago
Thank you, Matt
Number three is there when I am behind my computer I'll send you how to go about doing it. As far as the other three are concerned, I will share them with Richard.  
Keep them coming
Richard Rost            
2 months ago
All great ideas. Some of them are already on the list. The alternate back color issue is why I keep a _BlankF in my template database. Put all the settings you like in that and then use it for new forms.

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