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Larry Foley       
3 months ago
I printed out my code using the Menu File/Print. There is no left margin and the first letters of each line do not print. I do not see how to set the margins. I can't find an answer on Google. It seems like most programmers would want a hard copy of their code, so I must be overlooking something simple.
Kevin Yip       
3 months ago
Nowadays I think people prefer to read code on the screen, with color-coding, intellisense, etc.  If you really need to print, the VBA editor lets you save a module to an external file, which can be opened and printed with your text editor of choice.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Open the VBA editor. Ctrl-A (select all). Ctrl-C (copy). Open Notepad. Ctrl-V (paste). Print. Done. :)
Larry Foley       
3 months ago
Thanks. I appreciate your time.
Thomas Gonder       
3 months ago
Hi Larry, I print a lot of module code, to better proof and look for problems or inconsistencies. (old school)
My printer does as you say, not much of a margin, but I'm not losing the first character.
The first letter is about 3mm from the left of the page.
So, maybe your printer's margins are a bit pickier?
Adding an image below of my settings.
Thomas Gonder       
3 months ago

Larry Foley       
3 months ago
Thanks everyone.

I did the MS Cut and Paste into Word and it worked great.
Thomas Gonder       
3 months ago
I tried the cut and paste into Sublime editor once. I had some problems but don't remember what they were. I really wanted Sublime to work because it color codes keywords if you use the correct control/config file (or whatever they call it) for VBA. I remember looking for a VBA control file and not seeing it. Has anyone had success using Sublime?
Alex Hedley             
3 months ago
Why not try VCS and just print out from VSCode?
Thomas Gonder       
3 months ago
Hi Alex, I've watched the video twice, I maybe understand 5% of what you click through so rapidly. I still can't begin to tell you what I understand the purpose of VCS is.
Alex Hedley             
3 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, I'm looking to record an updated version with the latest release so this is great to know.

'Version control, also known as source control, is the practice of tracking and managing changes to software code. Version control systems are software tools that help software teams manage changes to source code over time.'

There are a number of reasons, one you can see all the code used in your db, which makes it much easier to search across the whole db for a field or where something is used. It's a backup mechanism.
Thomas Gonder       
3 months ago
Hi Alex, thanks for answering. To be clear, I'm not being snarky here and am genuinely curious about your VCS. I hear a lot about GitHub, but can't say I've used it or understand it.

As a software developer with 45+ years experience, I've worked in sole, small team and big team environments. This has been from O/S to large scale enterprise applications. Many a boss has pushed for a version control system (among other things) based upon reading some trade publication article (in the old days). Some even bought the latest & greatest app to do this or that (for our particular environment). At the end of a year, in the evaluation meetings, I've often asked the committee, "How much did we use this tool (not just a version control application), and what benefit did it provide that we didn't have before?" Often the answer was we did a lot more work without a corresponding increase in productivity. Take a look at Revlon's stock price over the last thirty years (good luck with that, it's been delisted) to see practical example of how IT was largely responsible for destroying a great brand by ignoring this simple observation.

As to your two reasons:
1) Does VCS find things in code that something simple like MZ-Tools Find Text wouldn't?
2) If one has done backups using the readily available Access and Windows utilities, what does VCS offer that's better?

Does VCS only look at changes to the VBA code, or will it track modifications to forms, reports, queries, macros, options, etc.?
How does VCS "manage" changes to code?
Alex Hedley             
3 months ago
Not at al, your opinion is very much received well and welcomed.

I'm having a similar conversation with Rich about this, he's a solo dev and doesn't see the need. Whereas I think it's useful for any and all team sizes. And really want him to start using it.
One reason would be an easy way to globally search all dbs for where code is used.

1) I've not used that tool, I'd have to check, I guess it would be for different purposes
2) It's just another option

I'm probably downplaying all the extra features, they are better explained by the author.
This tool takes a copy of every object in your db, Tables, Queries, Forms etc. The structure, the content if you wish, every last detail.
It also lets you build the db from source. This can be very useful if you've had a corruption etc.

You don't have to use git/github etc you could just export the source and backup with your usual methods like one drive etc.
One thing git does is you can easily see exactly what changes you've made and when, compare them, track who did what when and easily revert back to a previous version. Also test new features in branches before using in the main version.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Alex has been trying to get me to use Git for years.

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