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Using A Date across Forms Upload Images   Link   Email  
Gary Simpson      
2 months ago
How do I use a specific Date Across all forms Where I use week numbers. I Have A Table Called ("CompanyDetailsT") and in this Table, I have Field called ("DateFinancialYearStarts"). How or what is the best way to Reference this field from ("CompanyDetailsT"),("DateFinancialYearStarts") when a new record is added or when a form is loaded.
kind Regards Gary
Sami Shamma             
2 months ago
Hi Gary,

There are a couple of ways you can do that depending on the design of your forms.

Method 1:
If you have a main menu that is bound to your CompanyDetailsT, then you can put DateFinancialYearStarts on that form, visible or hidden. Then reference it from other forms by making the reference that "date" Row Source =Forms!MainMenu!DateFinancialYearStarts.

Method 2:
On opening your first form when you start Access, store that value from the CompanyDetailsT in a TempVars as follows:

TempVars("FDate") = DLookup("DateFinancialYearStarts","CompanyDetailsT") assuming you have only one record in the CompanyDetailsT.
Now you assign the TempVars("FDate") to your fields in the different forms.
Gary Simpson      
2 months ago
Hi Sami Shamma Thank you for getting back to me, On my first Form I call Main Menu, And Does not Not have Any fields in it, It's only buttons to open other forms. So where would I assign the TempVars(2FDate") on my main form?
Richard Rost             
2 months ago
Gary, I see you've only completed Access Beginner 1 thru 6. Is that your skill level? If so, we'll try to put together a solution that matches your skill level. Sami's methods are both perfectly correct, you just might need some additional explaining. I'd recommend his Method 1 for you. It's the easiest to implement. Value From a Form
Sami Shamma             
2 months ago
Gary, take Richard's advice.

Bind your Main menu to your CompanyDetailsT table.
Place the field DateFinancialYearStarts on the form. If you do not want users to see it, change its Format property "visible" to no.
Now you can use method 1.
Richard Rost             
2 months ago
If this is a value that doesn't change often (like once a year) you could make it an unbound field, not bind the form to the table, and just set is as the default value of that field. When you do need to change it, you'll have to make a design change, but that should only be once a year. Up to you. This might make for a good video. I'll add it to the list. :)
Gary Simpson      
2 months ago
Hi Richard, I have Dabbled in Visual Basic using SQL Databases. But I had a stroke and it is trying to remember how to do things. So I found your Video's on YouTube, So I bought Office 2021 Pro From Amazon. And started using Access. But I did find the VBA coding is Different to Visual Basic Coding. So I am trying to re-learn using VBA Coding. Yes I am watching your Access beginner Over and over to try and get things into my head and once I have mastered all 6 Lessons I will be purchasing more Levels.
Kind Regards Gary
Sami Shamma             
2 months ago
Best of luck with your recovery. It is amazing what the brain can learn and relearn.
Sami Shamma             
2 months ago
Thank you Gary

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