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Larry Fisackerly        
3 months ago
I am so lost with the email seminar. I have completed lessons one through 20. I have installed a new copy of the email seminar new database. My understanding is this is the final version. I was hoping at this point I could look in the VBA code all modules and replace occurrences of your email address and SMTP Server username and password with my own. That did not work because I probably missed an instance of your information. With the fresh copy that I downloaded I was in the main menu form and clicked on send via SMTP. I get the error message My air handler overflow. Do I have to create version copies of every single lesson from one through 20 inserting my information to make this work? that's a tremendous amount of Labor. Please advise me on how to utilize this seminar. I have overlooked something very important. Thank you for your help. I have met the prerequisites for taking the email seminar. Please excuse any typos as I am dictating this to save time.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Larry, as with all of my seminars, this is not intended to be a final product that you can just use out of the box. The intention is for you to LEARN how to build your own database from my lessons. With that being said, I've had very few people who have taken this seminar (and there have been a LOT over the years since it was released) who have had difficulty getting it to work. Can you be a little more specific as to what, exactly, isn't working?
Larry Fisackerly        
3 months ago
I am positive this is a case of user error or better known as "error lies between keyboard and chair." I will build a db from scratch following along with the seminar. I know how to use Access to complete a Word mail merge to email. Do I need to complete those lessons focusing on using Outlook? I will try this whole thing again. I must admit I spend 2 hours of work on 1 hour of seminar lessons. Color me lazy. I will get back to you if I need further assistance.
Richard Rost             
3 months ago
Trust me, whenever I'm reading a book or watching another video lesson, I sometimes have to watch it two or three times or read the same thing two or three times before it sinks in. You're not alone. That's the beauty of video training, as you can restart it whenever you want. If you're focusing primarily on the SMTP stuff with Gmail, you don't need to go through the Outlook lessons again.

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