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Access Insider's Circle

Need help with your Access databases? Nobody to call for assistance? Sick of spending hours digging through tech manuals? Wish you had someone to call for help? Do you need an Access Expert to call on?

Here comes your solution... the 599CD Insiders Circle. This exclusive club gives you access to lots of great resources designed to help you with your Access database problems.

What do you get for joining? Here are some of the benefits reserved for our Insiders Circle members:

  • Priority Email Support
  • Discounted Live Support
  • Emergency Support if Needed
  • 50% Discount on all Tutorials

What does the Insiders Circle cost?
There is a one-time enrollment fee of just $129. This also provides you with your first month of membership. After your first month, membership is only $29 per month. You can cancel at any time, and there is no minimum monthly requirement.

If you work with Microsoft Access on a regular basis, this is exactly the kind of support system you need in place for those tough problems! Let's take a look at the member benefits in more detail...

Priority Email Help

You'll get access to my private Email address, and my cell phone number - so you can email or text message your questions to me (calling me is not included for free). You get 30 minutes of email support a month. If you go over 30 minutes, you get a discounted rate of 20% off my normal Consulting Rates.

Most importantly, as an Insider's Club member, you get PRIORITY support. So your email goes directly to the top of my inbox. While I can't guarantee a response time, my Insider members get taken care of before anyone else.

And remember, I'm an expert, so I can answer a lot of questions in 30 minutes. This is great if you're just not sure about how to do something, or perhaps you want to send me your database for some suggestions. Plus, if your question is "generic" enough and I can use it to make a video lesson, I will. I do this quite often, and since I can sell it to other people, I don't charge your minutes for it.

Discounted Live Support

If you need it, you can also get direct help from me on the phone, instant messenger, webcam etc.. I can help you with your problems over the phone - I can even remotely view your screen so I can see what you're doing. Your monthly membership gets you a discounted Insider Circle rate of 20% off my normal Consulting Rates for live support as well.

Plus, don't forget - I'm not just an expert in Access. Feel free to ask me questions about anything I'm an expert in (Excel, Word, Windows, Networking, Web Design, ASP, VB, etc.) The sky's the limit for my members. Yes, Access is my personal specialty, but if I can help you with it, that's why I'm here!

Emergency Support

Believe it or not, as an Insider Circle member you actually get Richard's cell phone number. Now, calling Richard is not free, but you have it in case of an emergency. If you're working on a critical database project at least you have peace of mind that an expert is just a phone call away if something important should break.


Discounted Tutorials

In addition to everything above, you'll get an automatic 50% Discount on all of my tutorials and seminars... so when that next Access course is released, you'll get an immediate discount.

So, if you find yourself needing help with Microsoft Access on a regular basis, then the Insiders Circle is the solution for you. Sign up today. I will say this... I definitely give preferential treatment to my customers who sign up for the Insider's Circle. When I sit down to answer my email, they're the first ones who get the help. So, if you are serious, click on the button below.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

- Richard Rost, President & CEO


P.S. If you occasionally need help with Access problems, but you don't think you'll use my services more than once a month or so, don't forget I do have the TechHelp web page where you can submit your questions on an "as needed" basis. I don't offer phone support or instant email responses via TechHelp, but if you have a question you can't find an answer to, you can try submitting it to me there. You can also find my other contract rates on my Consulting Services page.


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