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Access 2007 for Beginners?
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   11 years ago

Here's the question of the day: should I bother making an Access 2007 Beginner tutorial, or should I skip right ahead to Access 2010?

The two programs are VERY similar. From a BEGINNER'S standpoint, there are very few differences between the two versions. Should I spend the time creating an Access 2007 Beginner tutorial, and then move on to Access 2010, or should I skip right to 2010 to start with?

For those of you who are currently using Access 2007, unless you're an absolute beginner, you will have NO problems following along with my tutorials if I move right up to 2010. I'll be sure to point out any minor differences.

So, be sure to let me know which version YOU are interested in by CASTING YOUR VOTE on my WAITING LIST. Click on either one of these links, based on what version you're interested in:

  - Microsoft Access 2007
  - Microsoft Access 2010

If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to post them here too.


Access 2007 for Beginners Upload Images   Link 
Albert Tripp 
10 years ago
Richard, I have finally changed from Xp to Access 2010. now I spend all day finding how things work. Most of my SQL command have gone out the window so bring on your 2010 courses.I'm ready and waiting.  Bert   Read More...
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Access 2007 for Beginners Upload Images   Link 
Richard New 
10 years ago
I want to keep myself and students I teach up to date with the present day's computer subjects.  
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Access 2007 for Beginners Upload Images   Link 
10 years ago
access is a nice software for me as a beginner
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Access 2007 for Beginners Upload Images   Link 
Letkholhun haokip 
10 years ago
Kindly dispatch access 2007 for beginners since i have MS access 2007.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I will be making ONE Access 2007 for beginners tutorial and then switching right over to Access 2010. Once you get past the VERY basic material, the two are almost identical. If you're using 2007 you won't have any problems following along in 2010. Read More...
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Access 2010 Runtime Developer Upload Images   Link 
Michael Manning 
11 years ago
I have a program in Access 2010.  I am trying to find out what I need to do about Microsoft.  They told me I just needed to make sure that anyone who buys my program just have a Access 2010 in their computer or I would need to buy them one.  Lots of rhetoric  when dealing wih Microsoft. Thanks, Read More...
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Access 2003 vs 2007 or 2010. Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
Dear Richard,

I bought some of your tutorials in Access 2003. It's a very nice tutorial I love it but our company is using Access 2007. I was not able to apply what I've learn in Access 2003.
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Upload Images   Link 
Mubeezi Micah 
11 years ago
Dear Richard,

I personnaly learnt how to use Access 2007 from your seminars. I remember, you were using Access 2007 in the video and showing any significant differences in 2003 (which i was familiar with). However, for novice users who have no knowledge of 2003, it might not be that easy. Read More...
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Access 2010 and SQL Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
I completed your advanced courses in Access 2003, but now I had to upgrade to Access 2010 frontend with SQL as the backend.  I am having a hard time.  How can I get help with this?  I created the frontend using your tutorials When will you have advanced courses in Access 2010.
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2007 tutorial vs. 2010 Upload Images   Link 
dave warner 
11 years ago
Having just acquired 2007(yes I know its been out 3 years)I can't use 2010 even if I wanted to. My college classes aren't set up to accept 2010.
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2007 vs 2010 response Upload Images   Link 
Rick Paul 
11 years ago
I have not used either version. I voted for 2010 because I read a comment from a respected expert in Access who said that Acc10 delivers in ways that Acc07 did not.  May I add that I hope you do not completely abandon 2003 courses as the Acc330 class is shown as under development.  I feel that Access 2003 will always be the ultimate version that will withstand time.
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